Loft Design in Sydney

JCPENNY DESIGN can design lofts to your prefered liking and / or requirements.
Workout Space

Turn your loft into a ppersonal workout space. There are times when it seems like you have run out of space in the home. However, with careffull planning the loft can be a welcome revelation of how much extra room you mmay have in your home for your R n R needs.

Spare Bedroom

Ever had an Unexpected guest? The first thing that usually comes to your mind is to offer up your couch. Instead, you can transform your loft into a homey and luxurious resting place for your surprise visitor.

Music Studio

Expressing your musical talents at home can be a dunting task, especially when you live with familly. Situated above the quiet atmosphere of your home is your loft. We can design your loft to suite the needs of not only keeping that beatiful noise down, but also creating enough space for your equipment.